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Viktor Ómarsson

Viktor joined JCI Reykjavík in April 2010, attended JCI European Academy that same year and became Local President in 2011.

 In 2012 he served as National President of JCI Iceland and since then has held several different positions both within JCI Iceland, JCI Europe and JCI international. In 2016, Viktor served as the Chairperson of JCI European Development Council. In 2017 he served as JCI Vice President, assigned to JCI Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Viktor served as Executive Vice President assigned to Europe in 2019, Chief Executive Assistant to the President in 2020 and JCI Treasurer in 2021. This year he is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee and Chairperson of the Growth and Development committee. He holds JCI Senator No. 73511 and has attended many international JCI events, including 24 Area Conferences and 10 World Congresses. He has been a JCI trainer since 2011 and held training sessions all around the world. Viktor was born on the 17th of June in 1983, in Borganes, Iceland. With his spouse Elizes Low, Viktor lives in Reykjavik in Iceland and has a second home in Malaysia. He has studied political science, business administration, auditing and accounting and is running a finance and accounting firm as well as a coaching and training company.