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Language studies & Mortgage broker

sue solymosi

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Sue holds a bachelor’s degree in arts, with a concentration in French studies, and works as a mortgage broker.

During her academic journey through university, Sue developed a strong foundation in linguistics through language studies. This led her to discover her calling in utilizing language and communication as catalysts for personal and societal growth. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of language, and the profound impact words can have on individuals and communities, Sue continues to seek growth in the field.  


She became Local President in 2015, Regional President in 2017, National President of JCI Canada in 2022, and is currently a 2023 JCI Vice President.

After graduating from university in 2011, Sue joined JCI Vernon.  As an international board member, Sue plays a vital role in shaping JCI’s strategic direction and advocates for her passion for fostering effective communication. 

Throughout her JCI career, she has chaired numerous projects & committees at the Local, Regional, and National levels, and has facilitated leadership development trainings all over North America, the Caribbean, and South America. In 2020, Sue launched, produced, and hosted her most proud accomplishment in JCI: Join. Converse. Inspire. – The JCI Canada Podcast. And most recently, Sue had the opportunity to empower individuals worldwide as one of the coaches for the JCI Global Communicator Masterclass series, with her module on Storytelling. 

With her unwavering commitment to communication, growth, and leadership, Sue aspires to leave an enduring legacy, inspiring generations to come to embrace the transformative potential of effective communication. 

Training Session Topic

WHEN: Saturday 10:30 - 11:50 a.m. - Lacombe Room
The' Global Citizen; through the art of storytelling

By unleashing the power of communication through the art of storytelling, this session seeks to empower individuals to connect deeply with others, bridge cultural divides, and foster understanding on a global scale 

Participants will learn to craft compelling narratives, share their experiences, and drive positive change in their communities. By using the global mindset of international collaboration and growth, it will arm individuals with the tools to effectively communicate their ideas, passions, and aspirations, and ultimately propel them towards personal and professional success.