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Michelle McGrann

Michelle McGrann is a seasoned trainer and coach, specializing in communications and organizational management.

As a founding partner of Coeus Creative Group, she has helped build a growing international talent development company, giving workshops and talks to audiences stretching around the globe. Using a blend of experience, research and behavior-based skill development, Michelle helps people and organizations discover immediately actionable strategies to accomplish their goals. Her personal and authentic speaking style motivates and empowers participants to move past self-doubt and implement the changes that they want to see. Her passion for helping people to discover “AHA!” moments comes through in every session she gives. 


In her 10+ years at Wayne State University, Michelle was responsible for the development and implementation of numerous multiscale programs

at all levels of a Tier 1 Urban Research University, including: spearheading compliance measures for the college of engineering, creating public health marketing campaigns for the Campus Health Center, and launching university-wide quality improvement measures. Through these projects and others, she developed a better understanding of the mechanisms required for effective change management, behavioral modification, and excellence in communication practices. 

Michelle has also served as both a participant and a coach for competitive speech activities. As a NDT/CEDA policy debater for Wayne State University, she won multiple awards for both competitive success and speaking skills. She coached multiple high school state champion teams, as well as nationally competitive college teams. She leverages this unique background to help her clients and audiences utilize persuasive messaging to achieve success, as well as build confidence in public speaking.

Michelle is quick to lend her knowledge and experience to mentor and guide a variety of civic and social organizations. She joined the Redford Jaycees in 2010. She has held multiple roles and was elected Local President in 2019. Michelle has also served for JCI Michigan as Training Director, Presidential Campaign Manager, and 2018 Chief of Staff. In 2020, Michelle was appointed to the international level as Chairperson of the Skills Development Committee – managing the international training and skills development courses of JCI, an international NGO. Michelle has developed and launched multiple JCI Official courses. This year she serves as personal assistant to the World President. 

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communication studies from Wayne State University.