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Executive Director of Shiloh

Keith johnston

Keith Johnston has been the Executive Director of Shiloh since May of 2014 but has been involved in the organization since he was 16 as a volunteer.

Shiloh is an Edmonton based not-for-profit that provides programming for high-risk children and youth ages 7-17. Keith obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Vanguard College in 2007. Keith’s role includes overseeing the organization, fundraising, vision casting, and strategic planning. Keith has been married since 2013 and with his wife Kandice they have 3 kids, Hadley (9), Annalise (7), and Gideon (6). Keith likes spending time outdoors and enjoys backcountry hiking, he also is a massive Edmonton Oilers fan and enjoys playing Fantasy Football.


Training Session Topic

thursday 10:30 - 11:50 a.m. - Salon C Room
Vision, Mission & Values in NFP Spaces

Why is Vision important for NPO’s 

 Vision, Mission and Values 

  • People get into the NPO space usually for one or two reasons: 

• We are connected to what they do. 
• We want to make a difference. 

  • But how do we as leaders of NPO’s create alignment, cast a vision for the future, and rally people behind a common purpose? 
  • This is where a Vision, Mission and Core Values come into play. 
  • In this session we will explore: 
  • Who does this process? 
  • What is a Vision statement? 
  • What is a Mission statement? 
  • What are values but especially core values? 
  • How do we create them? 
  • Finally how will these statements create Clarity, Continuity, and Comradery in your organization  

Board Policy Manual for NPO’s: 

We finalized this process about 6 months ago with the Board and myself as the ED and I found this to be a game changer for all levels of our organization. It has created so much clarity overall and especially for the board but also board/Ed relations. 

  • What is it? 
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the outcomes of creating one? 
  • How does it benefit the organization? 
  • How does it create clarity? 
  • The benefits for the ED/CEO and board relations