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justina leestolz

As a Chinese, Irish, Scottish, Russian-German real estate professional born in Canada and raised in cities throughout the Okanagan, Justina LeeStolz PREC holds a true appreciation for the beauty of the valley and the unique opportunities and advantages of the various Okanagan communities.

An avid traveler and explorer, she always looks forward to returning home to the Okanagan oasis. After a globetrotting adventure, nothing makes her appreciate home more than the friendly people, breathtaking scenery, and cornucopia of agriculture available in the valley. Such awareness promotes her passion to advocate for the protection of the natural environments that make the valley such a desirable location and she encourages her clients to make environmentally friendly choices that are to their economic benefit yet also ensure sustainable Okanagan futures.

Justina comes equipped with a passion and knowledge of real estate investing and she is dedicated to sharing her experiences to guide her clients in their decisions, whether it is the sale of a property or their first or forty-first purchase.

Keeping YOU Connected!


Training Session Topic

friday 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. - Lacombe Room
Be the Mayor of your Town

This training will focus on honing your skills in two critical areas for successful business in your community:

1. How to make small talk

2. How to become top of mind

At the end of the day, unless you’re a high tech digital nomad and keyboard warrior that doesn’t require human interaction in your business or who has the luxury of making your millions behind a computer screen, you will at some point need to engage in human conversation. This training will provide you with some highly usable tips and tricks for engaging in meaningful small talk that speeds up that awkward “weather musing” or “sports whining” and helps you get to the good stuff where deeper connections are made and value is exchanged. Through these deeper connections, we’ll dive into how you can develop your own strategy for becoming the digital and social Mayor of your town and become that community connector that comes to mind first when people think of your profession!