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Associate Professor

Baiju Vareed

Baiju Vareed is currently Associate Professor at the School of Social Work at MacEwan university.

He holds masters in social work, economics, and sociology and doctorate in social work. Baiju is a social worker for last 25 years. Baiju is a member of JCI since 2002 and became a national trainer of JCI India in 2006, Baiju is member of JCI Tirur, in South India, where he was the chapter president in 2009. Baiju has conducted several training sessions for JCI chapters, corporates, non profits and schools. The important topics of his training include cultural competency for professionals, survival kits for newcomers, and empathetic communication.  


Training Session Topic

WHEN: Thursday 9:00 to 10:20 am - Klondike A/B
Multiple Colors of Time: Communicating with Diverse Communities

This training will help participants to understand the diversity of the Canadian population, implicit and explicit differences of lifestyles, differences in worldviews and help participants to enhance their cultural competency.  The session will present ten key insights on difference in the perspectives of Canadian born and newcomer Canadians.

The session will specifically help the participants. 

  • To appreciate the richness of the diversity of Canada 
  • To realise different worldviews of time, space, and community of Canadian population 
  • To effectively communicate people of different cultural backgrounds 
  • To convert micro aggression to micro appreciation